Making a decentralized storage vault to store our digital belongings such as Passwords, Images and Files and much more!

⭕ Problem Statement

It is a normal tendency for humans to forget things that are long or things that cant be remembered easily. Hence, we write them down in a place to use them when needed. But in the digital world, writing important things that are hard to remember like passwords in physical objects like paper has become highly unlikely. It has become quite common to store important things in applications like password/note managers.

But have we ever thought about the safety of our digital belongings in those applications that are centralized? Have we ever thought that our data can be easily censored by the applications where we store them in?

Enter Vault3, a decentralized storage vault that allows you to store your important digital items like passwords, images and files that are fully encrypted and stored on the blockchain.

❓How are we improving the current situation?

Using Vault3 over traditional storage applications to store your important things gives you an upper advantage. You do not have to fear about your data being censored or your data being stolen.

Vault3 functions like a full-fledged vault. You can put your important belongings in the vault that can only be opened with a special key. And if that key is lost, the vault cannot be opened and your data is lost. And, your data is stored on the blockchain, keeping it extremely safe and censor-free as data on the blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed once its stored on the chain.

The key used to unlock the vault is in the form of an image that is hashed on the blockchain to your wallet address. You need to attach the image that you used to create your vault, to unlock it in the future to access your data.

📃Abstract | Deep diving into Vault3

Vault3 is a web application made with technologies like Next.js, Chakra UI, Thirdweb and running on the Polygon chain. But, before accessing the features of Vault3, the user needs to connect their wallet and create their vault. At the time of writing this, Vault3 only supports the Metamask wallet to connect to it, and other wallets like Coinbase and WalletConnect will be added as part of future releases.

Now, moving onto creating the vault. Users can create their vault by attaching an image of their choice. After the image has been chosen, Vault3 hashes your image to your wallet address and stores it on the blockchain using the HmacSHA256 encryption technique. After the vault has been created, they can now store their important digital items such as Passwords, Images and Files. ****